Sterling Silver Jewelry

We Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry

“Sterling Silver” is the term used for material that bares Silver content of at least 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals which is usually copper. Fine silver (99.9% pure) is generally too soft for producing large functional objects such as jewelry or pendants. Therefore the silver is mixed with a firmer metal such as copper or zinc to give it durability. However, silver jewelry is often manufactured with higher silver content due to its inherent precious metal value.
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Throughout history, most countries have developed a system to indicate the purity of the silver alloy used by the manufacturer, to identify the silversmith or company that made the piece and also to note the date and/or location of the manufacture. 99.99% of all silver jewelry is stamped with one of the following Silver Hallmarks:

“SS”,”Sterling”,”Sterling Silver”,”800″,”925″,”925/1000″,”999″

We Pay Cash for the following items:

Used, Broken or Unwanted Silver Coins, Silver Chains, Silver Charms, Silver Bracelets, Silver Necklaces, Dental Scrap, Silver Rings, Silver Pendants, Silver Earrings, Silver Links and much, much more!

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