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We Buy Sterling Silver Flatware and Serving Pieces

Sterling Silver” is the term used for material that bares Silver content of at least 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals which is usually copper. Fine silver (99.9% pure) is generally too soft for producing large functional objects such as flatware or serving pieces. Therefore the silver is mixed with a firmer metal such as copper or zinc to give it durability.

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Throughout history, most countries have developed a system to indicate the purity of the silver alloy used by the manufacturer, to identify the silversmith or company that made the piece and also to note the date and/or location of the manufacture. In order for us to purchase Sterling Silver Flatware or Serving Pieces, the item must bare one of the following hallmarks:

“SS” “Sterling” “Sterling Silver” “800” “925” “925/1000” “999”

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We Pay Cash for Sterling Silver Serving Pieces, Patterns, Silverware & Antiques. Here are some of the most popular brands we buy: Allan Adler, Alvin, Amston, Baker – Manchester, Blackinton, Concord, Dominick & Haff, Durgin, Durgin-Gorham, Easterling, Fessenden, Frank Whiting, Gorham, Howard, International, Kirk, Kirk Stieff, Knowles, Lunt, Lunt-Towle, Manchester, Mauser, Mayer, Merrimac, Mount Vernon, National, Old Newbury Crafters, Oneida, Reed & Barton, Richard Dimes, Reed & Barton, R and B-D and H, R and B-Sterling II, Schofield, Shiebler, Frank Smith, SSMC-SAART, Stieff, Tiffany, Towle, Tuttle, Unger, Wallace, Wallace-Sterling II, Wallace-Italy, Watson-Newell, Watson-Wallace, Watson, Weidlich, Westmorland, Whiting div. of Gorham, W &D Graff and much more.*

We Pay Cash for Silver Plates. Here are some of the most popular brands we buy: Assyrian Head, Carnation, Charter Oak, Columbia, Danish Princess, Daffodil, Eternally Yours, Fleur de Luce, Grenoble, Heraldic, La Vigne, Marquise, Moselle, Remembrance, Siren, Tiger Lily, Vintage and much more.*

*NOTE: If your silver brand is not listed above, don’t worry, we offer Highest Prices Paid, 24-Hour Payments and a full Guarantee for ANY SILVER DESIGNER or MANUFACTURER from ANY COUNTRY!

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